Lessons from Lockdown: Louise Robertson of Travel and the Girls

 As part of our debut launch - Lessons from Lockdown - we’re on a mission to connect with individuals to uncover some of the greatest lessons pandemic life taught them.

This week we connected with Fashion and Travel photographer Louise of @travelandthegirls to share her lockdown low-down.

Image credit: Louise Robertson of @travelandthegirls

What did lockdown 1, 2, 3 and 4 look like for you?

I was in Costa Rica for a job when Covid was really kicking off back home so I kind of missed most of the build-up. It wasn’t until I flew back into London where I had work that weekend and where I was flying from to France for another job, and got on the tube to see lots of people wearing masks and gloves that I really started to worry.

I checked my emails when I got off the tube to see my job that weekend was cancelled and that all the rest of my work for the foreseeable future was postponing or cancelling. I went home and three days later we went into the first lockdown and I think I went into shock. I had just lost all my business for the next month in one day. In reality, I had no idea how bad it was going to get.

The first lockdown was instrumental in changing the way I work. I’m a creative person so not having an outlet to channel that creativity was tough. I tried painting and drawing and I had started experimenting with shooting with film and decided to do it more often

As devastating as it was to lose all my work, I was also lucky in a way. I live two minutes-walk away from the beach and I hadn’t been home properly for a long time so getting to connect with nature and my new hometown was a gift. Every day we would walk along the cliffs, watch the waves and re-centre ourselves before heading home.

Image credit: Louise Robertson of @travelandthegirls


What lessons have you learned?

Some of the biggest lessons I learned were to slow down, to go after everything I’ve always wanted to do and that it’s quite ok to fail.

Image credit: Louise Robertson of @travelandthegirls

How did the ocean help you during lockdown?

It was my saving grace. I could look at the ocean or go for a swim and feel how lucky I was to be alive

Image credit: Louise Robertson of @travelandthegirls

What surprised you?

 How much I missed being hugged

What were the highs?

Being able to slow down, reconnect with me, do lots of needed DIY and learn some new skills. 

What were the lows?

Loosing all my work, no support from the government and not being able to see my family or friends.


Image credit: Louise Robertson of @travelandthegirls


Thank you Louise for sharing your lockdown journey!
You can find out more about Louise at @travelandthegirls



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