About Amphi Collection

Dreamt up during the first lockdown, Amphi Collection is a conscious jewellery brand created for those who want to make a difference in the world. 

Prior to launching Amphi Collection, lockdown afforded our founder Emily some much-needed time and space to make a dream a reality and focus on finding a gap in the jewellery market that centered around responsible sourcing and ethical production.

It soon become clear how phrases such as “sustainability” and “ethical jewellery” were being over used with little to no evidence or validation to back it all up. There was also a real lack of verified research and data available for brands and most importantly customers to make informed decisions.

This is where the idea for Amphi came about. To create a business that truly cares about impact, traceability and ethics. To be a force for good and to live by the values of what a GOOD business should be about.

Our aim and mission is to reach true and evidence-based traceability, circularity and carbon-neutrality. We will get there soon, that's a promise, but we can't do this alone. In a lot of ways the jewellery industry feels outdated and closed off to working with new and small businesses like us to help fulfil ethical ambitions. 

Right now we are an honest and perfectly imperfect company, with the best intentions and goals for the future. We source recycled metals such as Sterling Silver and use Fairmined gold across 80% of our portfolio. Why this isn't 100% is down to our chains. We have tried and tried to find a chain manufacturer or supplier who use recycled metals, to no avail. We did find one company who said they used recycled metals, however, when asked for proof, they said they were no longer sure. And this just isn't how we do things at Amphi. 

Creatively, Amphi is inspired by nature and the female form which has led to a collision of inspiration; the natural world and the lessons learned from wise, witty and wonderful women. 

These themes continue to form the basis on which design inspirations emerge, like the ocean which is a driving force behind the label’s social and environmental values.

Amphi Collection aims to become a force for good, helping to inspire and implement solutions that reduce climate change and tackle social injustices.